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Nice to Meet You!

Escape with Me. Let’s Have Fun.

I write novels for adults and chapter books for kids. Either way, my goal is to keep you turning those pages. I love mysteries, puzzles, and dogs. I may take you on a wild ride, but I promise you’ll always get a happy ending.

Before I wrote the first word, I made 3 commitments to you and to myself.

Commitment #1:

I will only write stories that are positive. There’s enough ugliness in the world. You don’t need me to create more sorrow. Also, I have enough angst for at least 5 people and maybe more. The last thing I personally want to do is live in a virtual world of needless suffering in order to pen a story. Plus, I bet that you’re looking for a fun escape any way. While everything might not be “picture perfect” throughout my novels (that would be boring), you can rest assured that by the time you make it to the end, you’ll feel good, uplifted, and happy.

Commitment #2:

My books are clean – not that there isn’t any romance, mind you. It’s like this – if my book were laying on your coffee table and your grandmother picked it up, you wouldn’t blush. In other words, you wouldn’t feel instantly compelled to snatch that paperback out of grandma’s hands while simultaneously throwing it to your dog hoping that “Fido” will tear it apart before grandma can ask too many questions.

Commitment #3:

Speaking of “Fido,” I love dogs. I mean I really, really, really love dogs – a lot. You have no idea. Consequently, there’s a dog somewhere in every book and, most importantly, no animals (no dogs, no cats, no billy goats, seriously, no animals) of any kind will ever be injured or killed in any of my books. People, however, are fair game and sometimes, in certain books, some people will likely have to die. Don’t get me wrong, I like people. However, I’ve not found a way to write a murder-mystery, for example, without a murder somewhere along the line. Of course, don’t worry too much about the people dying. You can always rest assured on my Commitment #1 above that, by the end of the story, you’ll be satisfied and happy.

Lourdes and her dog, Bella